pdfMachine Help

pdfMachine is highly configurable with numerous tools and options to make working with your PDF very easy.

Customizing pdfMachine

You can customize pdfMachine to fit in with the way you work.

Set light or dark theme. Details >>

Customize your toolbars. Details >>

Control the Next Action. Details >>

Enable auto append on print. Details >>

Automated Emailing. Details >>

Apply tools automatically on print. Details >>

Create a specific printer for a task. Details >>

Store commonly used stamps or signatures. Details >>

View or hide thumbnail images.

Change your page layout.

PDF Document Assembly

pdfMachine has many different ways to create or combine PDFs and to move, delete or rotate pages in a PDF.


Auto append printed pages

Add/move/delete/rotate pages

Split PDF

MS Office add-in

Right click and convert

Tools and Operations

Sign or request document signatures. Details >>

Encryption, permissions and passwordsDetails >>

Parameter Parsing Details >>

Document Information. Details >>

Digital Signatures. Details >>

Stationery. Details >>

OCR. Details >>

Redaction. Details >>

Print. Details >>


Text. Details >>

Free Draw. Details >>

Text Highlight. Details >>

Text and Image Stamps. Details >>

Emojis. Details >>

Custom Stamps. Details >>