pdfMachine merge Help

pdfMachine merge is mail merge software which sends batches of personalized emails with personalized PDF attachments.

Personalized data can be merged into Word, PowerPoint, Excel or HTML templates.

pdfMachine merge is highly configurable, allowing the rows in the data source to represent:

  • emails
  • pages in an attachment
  • attachments in an email
  • line items in an attachment

PDF Attachments can be stamped, encrypted and password protected.

Attachments can be converted into PDF files by pdfMachine, or be files that already exist.

The emails are sent using an address configured in the Email Configuration window.

Standard Liquid Filters and Tags

Custom Liquid Filters and Tags

repeat_row filter Looping helper for repeating table rows in Word docs.
repeat_par filter Looping helper for repeating paragraphs in Word docs.
word_table tag Word table helper for repeating rows.
date filter Date formatter.
dateplusdays filter Add 'n' number of days to a date.
datetimenow special merge field The current date and time.
money filter Currency formatter.
money_no_cents filter Currency formatter, no cents shown.
money_as_words filter Currency formatter, displays a numeric value as words. e.g. 10.20 becomes ten dollars and 20 cents
number filter Number formatter.
number_culture filter Number formatter for different cultures.
prepend_if filter Conditional preprend.
WordNewLine filter Prevent blank lines in Word documents.
uri_encode filter Encoding of special characters to make valid URLs.
insert_image filter Inserts an image, either file or URL, into a Word document.
barcode filter Inserts a barcode / QR code into a Word document.
sign_here filter Signature capture using pdfMachine sign here web service.
sign_here_list tag To be inserted into email body, shows list of documents to be signed.
sum filter Tally up an array of values. e.g. {{ _rows | map: "amount" | sum }}
insert_br filter Insert a <br/> tag for html templates.
insert_p filter Insert a <p/> tag for html templates.
insert_nbsp filter Insert a &nbsp; (non breaking space) for html templates.
insert_nl filter Insert a new line character for text templates.
skip filter Skip first 'n' items in an array. e.g. {{ _rows | skip: 1 }}
group_by filter Group by 'property name' to return array of arrays. e.g. {% assign groups = _rows | group_by: "cid" %}
chart tag Produces a chart from a predefined chart template. e.g. {% chart 1, _rows %}