Resolving Errors

If you experience an error while using pdfMachine merge you can get information from the following sources.


Errors can be displayed in a box

pdfMachine merge message box

or on the window itself

pdfMachine merge error information

or in the merge run results

or in the merge log file

If the information in the error is not sufficient for you to resolve the error then try searching the pdfMachine website.

pdfMachine merge error message

Enter information from the error into the search box and press Enter.

pdfMachine merge error message

Click on the result that most matches your problem

Log file

Look in the pdfMachine merge log file. You can get to the log file from the main menu.

pdfMachine merge main menu

In the following log file we can see that the merge failed because the file "c:\tmp\nonexistentfile.pdf" was not found. This file was selected as a static attachment in the profile and therefore has to exist.

pdfMachine merge log file

Note: if you ever need to send the log file to us for help - send the whole file not just a snippet. The location of the log file is shown on the Log page.

Merge Run Results

Look at the Merge Run Results to see if / what errors occurred during a merge run.