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Convert paper into searchable PDFs

Paper documents can be scanned into PDF and automatically converted to searchable text that is stored invisibly within the PDF when saved. This allows readers of the PDF to search the PDF for the text, and also to copy and paste the converted text.

pdfMachine uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert the scanned pages into machine-readable text. The text is stored invisibly so your PDF still looks the same. However you will now be able to copy and paste the text and to search the PDF for the text.

pdfMachine office, pro and ultimate are able to convert scanned text from 65 languages.

OCR is only available in pdfMachine pro or pdfMachine ultimate.

  • JBIG2 compression is supported, resulting in very small PDFs for Black and white scanned images.
  • WIA2 and TWAIN scanner drivers are supported.
  • Auto deskewing of pages is supported.
  • Runs on Windows.