Automatic Trust

PDF documents digitally signed with pdfMachine sig are automatically trusted in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

Anyone with a recent version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat can open the PDF and immediately verify the document validity, identity of the signer and the time the document was signed.  In many jurisdictions, this is legally the same as a handwritten signature.

pdfMachine sig consists of:

For latest prices and information please contact Craig Broadbear

Digital Signatures are better than ink

Business relies on signatures.  Better signatures means better business.

An ink signature can be easily replicated from one document to another by copying the image manually or digitally.
Through the use of encryption, digital signatures can not be copied from one document to another. 

In addition to showing the identity of the signer, a digitally signed PDF will immediately show evidence of tampering.  Compare this to a typical paper contract with a signature block on the last page - whole pages could go missing or be retyped.

pdfMachine provides digital certificates from QuoVadis, an internationally accredited certificate authority, to facilitate the creation of trusted digital signatures. QuoVadis pdfMachine sig Certificates are trusted in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) and work in Adobe Acrobat and Reader products.

Time Stamping

In addition to allowing individual signatures, pdfMachine sig uses the QuoVadis Time Stamping service to produce a trusted timestamp, which is embedded into the PDF for all to see. This trusted timestamp provides proof of when the document was signed and cannot be tampered with, helping to protect data integrity.

Long Term Validation (LTV)

All the information required to validate the PDF is available in the PDF.  This includes certificate revocation data (OCSP response or CRL) downloaded from QuoVadis servers and securely embedded into the PDF at the time of signing.  The revocation data when combined with the timestamp makes it possible to validate the document even after the certificate expires or has been revoked.

Digitally Signed Judicial Orders

In September 2009, the Honourable John M. Facciola, Magistrate Judge for the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia, issued the first digitally signed judicial order in U.S. history.  (details)

If it's good enough for the judge, then it may be good enough for you.

Our customers are using pdfMachine sig for:

  • Batch emailing of signed invoices or customer statements.  In some jurisdictions, it is a legal requirement to sign invoices.
  • Signing and sending contracts online.
  • Whenever a handwritten signature is asked for on a PDF.
  • Archiving important reports and emails, time stamped to prove they existed at a certain time.

For an example of a PDF signed and time stamped using pdfMachine sig, open the following in adobe reader: ExampleSignedDoc.pdf

QuoVadis - Constant Protection for your online business

QuoVadis is one of the few Certificate Authorities in the world that can issue digital certificates that are broadly trusted in PDFs.  The QuoVadis certificates are issued from a root that is automatically trusted in the Adobes Approved Trust List (AATL) for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

QuoVadis certificates can be issued with validity periods of 1, 2 or 3 years and are generated and stored on iKey USB 4000 tokens.

Ordering Process

  1. For latest prices and information please contact Craig Broadbear
  2. Download the Application for QuoVadis Digital Certificates for Adobe PDF Signing form. Once complete, along with copies of your identification documents,  email to

    The above form asks for a senior person within your organization to serve as  a "confirming person" and be responsible for collating ID documents and ensuring all the certificate details are accurate.

  3. Once documents are vetted, you will be sent an email with a link to the QuoVadis Trust/Link certificate issuing system, where you may review and finalise your certificate details.

  4. We will then install the certificate on the SafeNet USB token and ship it to you.  Alternatively, if you already have your token we will email you a link where you will be able to install the certificate onto the token.  Note that all QuoVadis certificates for use with pdfMachine sig MUST be generated and stored on the iKey USB 4000 token. 

Note:  QuoVadis Digital Certificates for use with pdfMachine sig are currently only provided to Private Organisations and Government entities.  A Private Organisation is defined as a non-governmental legal entity (whether ownership interests are privately held or publicly traded) whose existence was created by a filing with (or an act of) the Incorporating Agency in its Jurisdiction of Incorporation.

Identification documents

These need to be done for every person who is to receive a certificate.   Copies for the following need to be sent to:

  • Passport or Government issued ID  (e.g. driving license)
  • Evidence of company registration (e.g.  certificate of registration)

SafeNet iKey USB 4000

The iKey is a cryptographic smartcard in a USB form factor that does not require a separate reader.  It provides Industry-leading two-factor authentication security for verification, signing, and encryption through AES-256 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 authentication support.

pdfMachine sig uses the iKey token to store the QuoVadis issued certificate.  The private key is generated and stored on the token.


iKey 4000 Safenet iKey USB 4000 token brochure