pdfMachine Merge Consulting

We can do it for you.

If you would rather we configured and set it all up for you then you may be interested in our consulting offer.

Broadgun Software can create the customised profile to your requirements.

An initial pdfMachine Merge setup consultancy costs USD $500.

Before payment

Analysis of requirements
We will do an analysis of your requirements. Once the information you provide has been analysed we will provide a quote describing the deliverables specific to the merge and a link for payment. You are not committed to the consultancy until you make the payment.

On receipt of payment

Create the Merge Profile
Broadgun Software will prepare a profile to match your requirements.
Configure and demonstrate usage of the profile on your PC
Broadgun Software will remote login to your PC to deliver your merge profile and demonstrate its usage.
Summarised instructions
A follow-up summary of the demonstration of the merge profile will be emailed to you for future reference.

Submit a consultancy enquiry now.

To inquire further about this offer please email :


To get started with an analysis request please make sure the following information is included in your email:

Send a description about the task you wish to use pdfMachine merge to perform.
Sample Email
Send a formatted draft of the email you want sent with the attached PDF. Indicate which parts you want personalized with your own data. These will become Merge Fields. Make sure to include To, CC, BCC, Subject, Body and any additional attachments (either existing files).
Sample PDF attachment
Send a sample document that you want sent as a PDF attachment. It can be Word, HTML or Powerpoint. Indicate which parts you want personalized with your own data. These will become Merge Fields. If there is more than one attachment to be sent then include a sample for each attachment.
Personalized data
If you have a data source already then send it. Otherwise we will provide an Excel file for you to populate with your custom data.