Standard Liquid Filters and Tags

Custom Liquid Filters and Tags

repeat_row filter Looping helper for repeating table rows in Word docs.
repeat_par filter Looping helper for repeating paragraphs in Word docs.
word_table tag Word table helper for repeating rows.
date filter Date formatter.
dateplusdays filter Add 'n' number of days to a date.
datetimenow special merge field The current date and time.
money filter Currency formatter.
money_no_cents filter Currency formatter, no cents shown.
money_as_words filter Currency formatter, displays a numeric value as words. e.g. 10.20 becomes ten dollars and 20 cents
number filter Number formatter.
number_culture filter Number formatter for different cultures.
prepend_if filter Conditional preprend.
WordNewLine filter Prevent blank lines in Word documents.
uri_encode filter Encoding of special characters to make valid URLs.
insert_image filter Inserts an image, either file or URL, into a Word document.
barcode filter Inserts a barcode / QR code into a Word document.
sign_here filter Signature capture using pdfMachine sign here web service.
sign_here_list tag To be inserted into email body, shows list of documents to be signed.
sum filter Tally up an array of values. e.g. {{ _rows | map: "amount" | sum }}
insert_br filter Insert a <br/> tag for html templates.
insert_p filter Insert a <p/> tag for html templates.
insert_nbsp filter Insert a &nbsp; (non breaking space) for html templates.
insert_nl filter Insert a new line character for text templates.
skip filter Skip first 'n' items in an array. e.g. {{ _rows | skip: 1 }}
group_by filter Group by 'property name' to return array of arrays. e.g. {% assign groups = _rows | group_by: "cid" %}
chart tag Produces a chart from a predefined chart template. e.g. {% chart 1, _rows %}