Download pdfMachine merge

Download pdfMachine merge

release date: 2 August 2022
build: 2.0.8249.19794


  • Windows 7 or greater
  • To use templates or data sources originating from Microsoft Office documents you need Microsoft Office :  2013 / 2016 / 365, 32 bit or 64 bit

Free Trial

If you have not purchased pdfMachine merge you can still use it in trial mode. Until registered a "produced by pdfMachine merge" message will appear in the body of sent emails and as a banner in any produced PDFs.

Release Notes

2.0.8249.19794 - 2 August 2022

  • Change of licensing - pdfMachine merge product codes are now a thing, newly generated pdfMachine ultimate codes will no longer work for pdfMachine merge. Old ultimate codes issued before 3 August 2022 that have up to date version protection will still work.

2.0.8243.18408 - 27 July 2022

  • Added split & parse feature.
  • Added money_as_words filter.
  • Fixed issue where illegal characters were appearing in filenames generated from merge fields.
  • Fixed lockup issue if an error occurred retrieving data on the profile data tab.

2.0.8229.17974 - 13 July 2022

  • Fixed ‘zipper_getXML_Length failed’ error.
  • Fixed issue with exporting profiles.

2.0.8221.27718 - 5 July 2022

  • Added SMS sending support using plivo.
  • Can now run multiple instances on the one machine (as long as they are under different user accounts).

2.0.8060.28481 - 25 January 2022

  • Implementation of custom liquid “chart” tag.
  • Fixed issue where numeric liquid expressions would not work properly on data loaded from excel sheets.

2.0.7998.29633 - 18 January 2022

  • Implementation of custom liquid “word_table” tag.
  • Implementation of custom liquid “group_by” filter.
  • Support for -%} on end of tags in Word for deleting paragraphs with liquid tags in them.

2.0.7998.29633 - 11 January 2022

  • Outlook Online - invalid grant no longer occurs.
  • Outlook Online - merge history saved.
  • Outlook Online - Does not fail when SMTP From set.

2.0.7998.29633 - 13 December 2021

  • Fixed - Under certain circumstances slow machines using ‘each row sends an attachment’ sent 2 emails.
  • Updated node.exe to 32 bit version.
  • sign_here filter timestamp is optional.

2.0.7998.29633 - 24 November 2021

2.0.7992.31594 - 19 November 2021

  • Liquid filter “insert_image” to insert images into Word templates.
  • Liquid filter “barcode” to insert barcodes into Word templates.
  • Multiple attachments in an email which are named with the same name managed correctly.
  • Conditional attachments in an email which are named with the same name managed correctly.
  • insert_image and barcode filters support a hyperlink.
  • Display message for unsupported template types eg, .doc is not supported must be .docx.
  • Liquid filter “sign_here” for capturing signatures.

2.0.7971.25050 - 28 October 2021

  • Conditional dynamic attachments.
  • Allows the use of Microsoft Outlook Online as an email send method.
  • Google-api crash fixed, when using Gmail API and an invalid email address.
  • Don’t retry the email error if an unrecoverable error occurs (eg unauthorized).

2.0.7942.19235 - 29 September 2021

  • Installation provides option to turn off ‘Weekly Update for new version’.
  • Better error handling if the user does not have permission for save directory.
  • Detect merge fields in Word Quick Parts.
  • Merge continues unless it gets 5 consecutive failed emails.
  • Fonts are loaded locally instead of over internet.
  • The repeat_par tag in HTML works on p elements as well as div and li elements.

2.0.7869.31691 - 18 July 2021

  • Correct attachments for multi row attachments
  • No longer reliant on chrome or chromium being installed
  • Minimum requirement is now .NET 4.7.2, users will be prompted to install (as part of setup) if a suitable version of .NET is not found.
  • Fixed - HTML attachment templates not converting to PDF unless pdfMachine merge run in admin mode.
  • Fixed - Extended MAPI emailing on systems that used 64 bit Outlook - on some systems this did not work, depending on the way things were installed.
  • Fixed - Dynamic PDF attachments with a filter in the merge field error with ‘illegal characters in path’
  • Fixed - Emails containing uploaded images that have been resized did not view properly in MS Outlook.
  • Title metadata in PDF document corrected to be file name
  • Occasional “Could not find” error during merge with security set
  • CSV encoding fixed when carriage return in google drive sheet cell

2.0.7805.15824 - 15 May 2021

  • Added spam testing button - uses SpamAssassin.
  • Aadded email templates.
  • Fixed google sheeet downloading to handle CR LF in values.
  • Fixed multi threaded stability issue with some data sets, causing corrupt Office docs.

2.0.7786.26503 - 26 April 2021

  • Fixed logfile encoding issue.
  • Error handling improvements.

2.0.7768.32670 - 13 April 2021

  • Speed enhancement. Generating documents, PDFs and emailing happens in parallel.
  • “Each row appends to pages” no longer fails with “the filename or extension is too long”
  • “Each row appends to pages” names the file correctly during a generate documents only merge run
  • Stationery on HTML files initializes margins

2.0.7719.26403 - 18 Feb 2021

  • New email body editor (jodit), allowing image uploads to Broadgun server. Note uploaded images may be deleted after a few months.

2.0.7710.20419 - 9 Feb 2021

  • setstationary.exe digitally signed.
  • Stationery fixed for example profile.

2.0.7693.28147 - 25 Jan 2021

  • zipper_getFileList on a Word file that unzips folders as well as files.
  • Allow the save documents folder to be associated with the merge profile.
  • Merge fields with new lines work fixed for opening results as CSV.
  • Merge fields with error on google drive upload now open as CSV.

2.0.7656.31278 - 18 Dec 2020

  • Improved logging of exceptions from google api.
  • Uploaded links in Excel version of merge run results fixed.
  • ‘Remove format’ button available in the email body editor.
  • Try again when PowerPoint is busy.
  • Improved error message when SMTP server needs an SMTP From address.

2.0.7628.22725 - 19 Nov 2020

  • List-Unsubscribe headers supported for Gmail API and SMTP emails.
  • Gmail Bcc works.

2.0.7612.28318 - 03 Nov 2020

  • Links for dynamically generated files which are uploaded instead of attached are shown in Merge Run Results (including Excel sheet of results).
  • Excel times can be formatted using date filter for time only eg {{meeting_time | date : “h:mmtt”}}}.

2.0.7606.28984 - 28 Oct 2020

  • Exporting profiles with static attachments that use merge fields and a filter to define the path doesn’t fail.
  • Sending profiles with static attachments that use merge fields to define the path doesn’t fail.
  • Saved documents where the file name is not unique no longer loses the first file.

2.0.7565.31446 - 17 Sep 2020

  • Increased wait time for large PowerPoint files on slow PCs.
  • pdfMachine merge exits gracefully when PowerPoint doesn’t respond.
  • Changed separator between statically attached files to be a |symbol.
  • Log files to roll at 5MB. - 28 July 2020

  • Corrected chrome-remote-interface issue “no inspectable targets”.
  • Import / Export profile handles Stationery.
  • Import / Export profile handles duplicate file names.
  • Fixed Export when a template with no file name is present.
  • Loading message no longer stuck on google sheets data source.
  • Failure to load data source no longer still displays old data source.

2.0.7458.29762 - 2 June 2020

  • Prevents hanging while converting very large Excel templates.

2.0.7457.28588 - 1 June 2020

  • Removed excess logging for CSV files.
  • Disable dynamic attachments that have an empty template and attachment name.
  • Remove Outlook accounts that are not in current Outlook profile.
  • Merge fields available in Body and drop downs before going to Data tab when selected by Current Profile.

2.0.7454.29860 - 29 May 2020

  • auto register from registration email works when pdfMachine merge only installed.

2.0.7446.31101 - 21 May 2020

  • CSV data sources with a single period in a cell no longer throw exceptions.
  • Privacy Policy in application interface.
  • Merge fields available in Body and drop downs before going to Data tab.
  • Attachment names with a period and no suffix now have correct name.
  • Upload to Google Drive works with the Gmail API.

2.0.7416.25010 - 21 Apr 2020

  • Static file names can have merge fields with commas in them.

2.0.7388.22640 - 24 Mar 2020

  • Registration can be performed directly into pdfMachine merge. Installation of pdfMachine optional.
  • Remove spell checker from email body editor.
  • Improved stamping performance for large documents.

2.0.7370.31719 - 9 Mar 2020

  • Users can now use Microsoft Word and Excel, and pdfMachine while the merge operation is running (unless bypassed).
  • Don’t allow “save to” folders to be drives which backup to cloud, eg oneDrive, Google Drive as the constant backing up caused issues.
  • Fixed Import / Export failures on empty body, missing data source.
  • zipper_getFileList fails -2 error fixed.
  • < and> symbols work in if statements for Office documents.

2.0.7353.26803 - 18 Feb 2020

  • Object reference not set to an object upon send.
  • Any Worksheet in Excel data source can be selected (not just the first worksheet) .
  • Test send for ‘Each row sends an attachment’ for All Emails corrected to send the correct number of emails.
  • Error message when a filter is used in a merge field in the file name for the dynamic and static attachment
  • Clicking outside Google Sheets select box cancels select operation.

2.0.7312.19844 - 8 Jan 2020

  • Ability to import / export profiles

2.0.7304.23625 - 31 Dec 2019

  • Old profiles hang on the data window.
  • Reload of small data sources hangs.
  • Selection of data now reset on load/reload of data source.

2.0.7277.27057 - 4 Dec 2019

  • Fixed password error when a % is in the password.
  • Status window shows error icon when if all rows are not successful.
  • Loading window displayed after selection of template and data source in case send is triggered too quickly.
  • Empty rows of data source filtered out
  • Error message displayed when invalid merge field used in password or stamp

2.0.7250.22083 - 7 Nov 2019

  • Added support for Gmail API for sending emails.
  • Fixed issue with ‘send random 5 emails’ where there was not enough rows.
  • Fixed ReplyTo address field not working in Outlook.

2.0.7230.16494 - 18 Oct 2019

  • Version 15.20 is a pre-requisite.
  • New red background color.
  • Support for repeat_par and repeat_row filters for Word documents.
  • Liquid flow control, i.e. ‘if’ and ‘for loops’ now works for Word documents.
  • Fixed a few UI issues that cause hangs with large data sets.
  • Duplicate column names are listed.
  • Email address mandatory live mode only.
  • Update to latest vuetify build.
  • Reduced the number of sample profiles installed
  • Fixed disappearing email bodies on install.
  • Fixed Command line mode generating adverts/banners when it should not have.
  • Fixed attachment names being encoded when they should not have been.

2.0.7203.26553 - 21 Sep 2019

  • Correction for stamping and security during an “Each row appends to attachment” merge run

2.0.7173.24331 - 22 Aug 2019

  • Body of email is copied during a copy operation
  • User is asked to confirm before running a live merge run.

2.0.7165.29860 - 14 Aug 2019

  • Password still set when ‘Each row appends to the PDF attachment’ used

  • More resilient handling of very large runs with Office templates including issues with last PowePoint template not closing.

  • Handles ‘Word could not open macro storage’ error.

  • Error message when email body is too large.

  • Fix changes in email body when click away too quickly.

  • Warns user when Office template references merge fields which are not in the data source.

  • Corrected ‘Index was out of range’ message when the merge fields were not in the first row.

  • Corrected initial document number calculation when using disabled attachments.

  • Corrected ‘EXDEV. cross-device link not permitted.’ error when save directory on different drive.

2.0.7129.26591 - 9 Jul 2019

  • character accepted in password for SMTP

  • New merge field filter ‘prepend_if’
  • Error message when data source is too large.
  • Correct behaviour for black text in stamp when security is applied.

2.0.6982.23121 - 12 Feb 2019

  • Added support for google sheets as data source.
  • Fixed issue where certain Word and Powerpoint files would create invalid documents after merge field replacement / substituion.
  • Fixed issue where ‘port in use’ error would occur.
  • Fixed issue of displaying ‘network error’ upon startup due to failue to load links file from

2.0.6961.28233 - 22 Jan 2019

  • Allows rename of email profile to allow circumstances where the email address is used with different passwords to represent different accounts.
  • Turns Word Read Mode Layout off so that Word doesn’t fail to respond.
  • Fixed issue where pdfMachine merge did not start and displayed ‘Could not find chrome / chromium session - exiting’ error.
  • Fixed issue after Office update where hyperlinks with merge fields (under images) are encoded incorrectly.

2.0.6949.37116 - 10 Jan 2019

  • Installer downloads latest Microsoft c runtime redistributables.
  • Fixed issue where under certain cirumstances pdfMachine merge thought it was unlicensed when it was not.
  • Fixed issue where pdfMachine merge did not start and displayed ‘Could not find chrome / chromium session - exiting’ error.

2.0.6869.27694 - 22 Oct 2018

  • Added stationery support for html -> pdf attachment conversions. First, Last, Odd, Even, All stationery types.
  • Added $page and $maxpage variables for use in HTML stationery.
  • Added {%repeat%} tag for html templates.
  • Added liquid filters insert_br, insert_p, insert_nbsp for conditionally inserting html tags.
  • Simplified PDF password security UI.
  • Fixed issue where excel and powerpoint processes may hang around after a merge.
  • Fixed merge profile file sync problem.
  • Improved some error messages.

2.0.6828.17260 - 11 Sep 2018

  • Fixed issue where some users who were not administrators could not start pdfMachine merge.
  • Fixed issue where pdfMachine merge would not run if MS Exchange was configured to prohibit Outlook object model from working properly.
  • Fixed Outlook email profiles not remembering ‘send emails per hour’ setting
  • Fixed issue where installing as admin then running as regular user or vica versa
  • Fixed issue where you had to enter email details for a profile that was just generated documents and not sending emails.

2.0.6808.26819 - 22 Aug 2018

  • The list of available Outlook accounts are now more realtime and not saved.

  • Fixed crash upon startup occurring due to chromium being partially installed.

  • Fixed ‘generate documents only’ not saving documents.

  • Fixed issue where multiple copies of test profiles existed.

  • Fixed issue where you needed to set a current mail profile even if only generating docs.

  • Fixed issue where PDF security settings were not being remembered when re-entering security dialog.

  • Fixed getSendAccounts() null pointer exception error.

2.0.6796.25341 - 10 Aug 2018

  • Complete new UI look.
  • Added enabled/disable checkbox on attachment list
  • An error is thrown if an Office document is in use (e.g. MS Word) and pdfMachine merge needs to use that Office program.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Version 15.03 of pdfMachine is a prerequisite.
  • NOTE: this version is has a different data structure than previous 1.0.xxxx.xxxxx versions.

1.0.6719.27484 - 25 May 2018

  • Ability to upload attachments to Google Drive and share using a shared link instead of attaching into the email.
  • Email Send Accounts now called Email Profiles in user interface.

1.0.6711.26040 - 17 May 2018

  • Removed Bare line feeds from SMTP emails.

1.0.6662.25005 - 15 May 2018

  • Accepts merge fields in hyperlinks on images in Word and PowerPoint templates.
  • New filter “uri_encode” which will encode the merge field as a URI component.
  • Password and stamp corrected for method “Each row creates an attachment”

1.0.6662.25005 - 29 Mar 2018

  • Fixed error when there is a newline in the content of a merge field that is used in either the template file name or the output file name.
  • Logs the last error before an SMTP reset occurs.

1.0.6591.31851 - 18 Jan 2018

  • Fixed error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” that occurs for the first merge after pdfMachine installation.
  • PowerPoint templates now use the office addin to create the PDF by default.

1.0.6549.26174 - 7/Dec/2017

  • New feature : Select which Outlook email account to send from
  • New feature : Rows in the data source can append to each other to create a single PDF that is emailed
  • Fixed error “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: input”.

1.0.6526.25275 - 13/Nov/2017

  • New feature : Maximum number of emails per connection can be set for SMTP send method
  • Fixed PDF files with a template have security and stamps applied if set.
  • Remove error message when PDF files are selected as merge template.
  • Fixed issue where merge fields in the PowerPoint master slide were not merged with data from the data source.

1.0.6491.28286 - 4/Oct/2017

  • Fixed ‘object not referenced’ issue some customers were having as a result of previous release.

1.0.6479.31551 - 27/Sep/2017

  • New feature : PDF files can be have a stamp applied. Stamp can be configured for each generated PDF attachment. Stamp can contain merge fields.

1.0.6464.35350 - 12/Sep/2017

  • New feature : PDF files can be selected as a template. The template file name for PDF templates can use merge fields. Allows existing PDF files to be sent based on a merge field. Also allows existing PDF files to be encrypted with a password based on a merge field.
  • Fixed issue where upload attachment had display name with additional suffix.
  • Fixed issue where merge fields in the PowerPoint layout slide were not merged with data from the data source.

1.0.6435.30963 - 14/Aug/2017

  • Fixed issue where Outlook (extended MAPI) would fail to resolve name.
  • vc2010 redistributables are now bundled with installer.

1.0.6417.32564 - 21/July/2017

  • ColumnPicker not found, Javascript error fixed
  • Office 2013 and 2016 32 bit, cc emails send.
  • Word 2010 conversion of Word Mail Merge templates with large number of shapes no longer time out during conversion.
  • Error message corrected when an SMTP server required reset.
  • Fixed issue with crash message (“todo: ”) on some systems.
  • Added the ability to upload the file and share with a link in the email instead of an actual attachment.
  • Now needs VC2017 and vc2010 redistributables - auto downloads upon installation if not detected.
  • Outlook messages are sent from different process - stopping certain antivirus products killing pdfMachine Merge.

1.0.6185.23979 - 7/December/2016

  • Office 2016 32 bit, SubmitMessage failed 80040607 resolved.
  • Merge fields that are used for attachment names have invalid filename characters replaced with underscore.

1.0.6172.21752 - 24/November/2016

  • Windows 10, Office 2016 32 bit, background process doesn’t hang around anymore
  • Windows 10, Office 2016 32 bit, HTML emails corrected
  • If pdfMachine merge closed during while a merge process is running the merge is cancelled
  • Network paths used as a Saved Folder no longer result in File Not Found
  • Custom passwords allowed for attachments (combination of one or more merge fields and text)

1.0.6122.23475 - 5/October/2016

  • Liquid Templating Tags in the email body are unencoded
  • The Email bodies editor only allows Source mode for existing email bodies that have Liquid Templating tags in them
  • Static attachments can be obtained from merge fields using a semi-colon separated list
  • Static attachments from merge fields that result int blank are ignored instead of having a file not found error
  • Handles “D” precision specifiers for numbers
  • Installs the 2012 Visual Studio C++ redistributables if they are not present
  • A merge cannot be commenced if pdfMachine is open

1.0.6051.26499 - 26/July/2016

  • Improved error message when file name is too long for Word to handle.
  • pdfMachine merge stops losing spaces from Word templates.
  • ReplyTo works for Outlook 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Doesn’t fail when attachment name is blank due to blank merge fields.
  • Improved error messages for Failed connection with Microsoft Office when Word cannot manage the OLE objects.
  • Additional example templates provided.

1.0.5955.31093 - 19/April/2016

From this version pdfMachine 14.89 or later is required to be installed

  • Improved error messages when Outlook is damaged or not responding .
  • Improved error messages when max email invalid.

1.0.5828.29418 - 18/December/2015

  • Running from the command line now uses default send account rather than last used send account.
  • Running from the command line works in Windows 10.
  • Allow Excel merge fields to have carriage returns.
  • Detect duplicate column names when it is just capitals that are different.

1.0.5682.38759 - 25/July/2015

  • Fixed problem where attached files overwritten when changing merge profiles.
  • Merge fields in shapes and headers inside Excel templates are now converted.
  • Throw error after creation attempt, rather than attachment attempt if PDF creation fails.
  • Report PDF in use during PDF creation.
  • Additional Test Profiles added
  • Corrected error handling if statically attached file is missing

1.0.5647.33887 - 18/June/2015

  • _ no longer displayed in long file names (when sent by SMTP).
  • Select columns for merge results.
  • Merge results open in Excel includes send result
  • New filter WordNewLine inserts a new line after a non-blank merge field. In Word only

1.0.5624.35579 - 27/May/2015

  • Multiple email accounts can be created.
  • Email accounts can be attached to a merge profile.
  • Javascript error on select rows fixed
  • Each row creates an attachment combined with multiple attachments in the profile creates correct attachments
  • Fixed error when missing right brace on last merge field
  • Fixed javascript error when returning to edit invalid merge profile
  • Prevent profiles having the same name
  • Attach files box grows and scrolls
  • Trim spaces around names and file names
  • Strip out extra attachments with blank filename eg when two semi-colons are entered ;;
  • Each row creates an attachment combined with multiple attachments no longer gets error with merge fields ending in numbers
  • Word Mail Merge fields within shapes are converted to pdfMachine merge format

1.0.5414.21150 - 28/Oct/2014

  • Fixed problem where Selected Emails doesn’t clear.
  • Fixed issue with BCC email addresses and white space.
  • Forced refresh of js files

1.0.5365.25259 - 9/Sep/2014

  • Added ‘each row creates an attachment’ functionality
  • Fixed up some error messages
  • Fixed issue with email address and white space.

1.0.5269.33945 - 5/June/2014

  • Increased functionality in email HTML editor
  • When bundling, column headings with spaces in them are catered for

1.0.5260.40197 - 27/May/2014

  • Fixes an error for browsers earlier than IE 9
  • Fixes an error where valid test email reports as invalid
  • Fixes javascript errors when selecting rows within the data source

1.0.5247.29670 - 14/May/2014

  • You can now select to send a subset of the merge data source (IE9 and greater only)
  • Generated PDF documents are only given a suffix when a duplicate exists
  • More validation of fields

1.0.5128.37316 - 16/Jan/2014

  • Corrects send error returned, with SMTP Send Method and blank entries used in CC or BCC field.
  • Ensures pdfMachine ultimate version correctly detected in European locale
  • Merge fields with a ‘.’ in the field name are replaced with an ‘_’ instead of failing

1.0.4854.26311 * Fixed issue with spreadsheets with empty cells. - 16/Apr/2013

1.0.4762.24216 * - 14/Jan/2013

Now supports x64 versions of Word and Excel.

1.0.4629.24438* - 3/Sep/2012

Allow incomplete merge profiles to be saved but not sent* Fixed datetimenow implementation in office templates* Saved folder dialog to browse to last saved folder* Improved error message when error in data source* Removed missing white space from date in office templates* Merge run of one email now displayed fully

  • Easily reuse last merge profile* Fix inconsistency in which panel to go back to* Corrected error handling for status not 500* Fail, and log error, if cannot attach extra attachments to mail 9/August/2012   1.0.4604.35176* Stopped changing pdfMachine to default printer on XP with Word templates* Fixed problem where IE registry setting is missing* Allowed for variable items in subject line when bundling23/July/2012  1.0.4587.31387
  • Added pause / resume when merging* Fixed duplicated attachments in emails* Removed animated background to free up memory and improve speed

1.0.4496.22439 - 27/May/2012

  • Fixed problem with currency formatter

1.0.4481.21261 - 8/Apr/2012

  • Now copes with empty columns and empty rows in Excel data sources

1.0.4442.25224 - 29/Feb/2012

  • Fixed memory leak

1.0.4435.26361 - 22/Feb/2012

  • Added custom Liquid filters  for “money_no_cents”  and “number_culture”.

1.0.4428.28918 - 15/Feb/2012

  • Added support for Liquid html templates.
  • Added support for partial Liquid templates in Word and PowerPoint.
  • Changed merge field marker from single curly brace to two curly braces. e.g.{email} now becomes {{email}}. This was done to be more consistent with Liquid templates.

1.0.4372.27397 - 21/Dec/2011

  • Fixed problem when normal converting Word merge documents to our format that occured when you had a large number of merge fields.
  • Added ‘check for updates’ link

1.0.4363.30930 - 12/Dec/2011

  • Added support for “bundle on email” sends
  • Added support for HTML templates
  • Fixed internationalization bug in CSV files.
  • Fixed crash when doing a merge after fresh pdfMachine install.

1.0.4358.19418 - 7/Dec/2011

  • various user interface improvements. 1/Dec/2011 1.0.4352.20204
  • first public beta release