A RapidAPI interface to website indexing and search.

The indexing engine elasticlunr is used to index website sitemaps.

API Methods


Call this first to create the index. The index id is returned. The sitemap parameter is a URL that points to a XML sitemap.

It may take some time to fully index the sitemap, depending on how many web pages are in the sitemap. During this indexing period, search’s will fail with a 500 status code.

Each page in the sitemap is downloaded, converted to text and added to the index. Also, each page has its own index, based on common html tags, which is used to return highlighted search snippets.


Removes the index identified by “indexId” an index.


Removes the current user and all associated indexes.


Returns the indexes created by the current user and the pages indexed in each index.


Performs a search of “searchTerms” on the index identified by “indexId”. A maximum of “limit” results are returned.