Download pdfMachine merge

Licensed to pdfMachine ultimate users.

pdfMachine 14.89 or later must be installed as well as pdfMachine merge - download here

  • The latest version of Internet Explorer
  • .net full framework (installer will download if not installed)
  • Windows 7  / 8 / 10 / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 2012
    includes x64 Platforms
  • To use templates or data sources originating from Microsoft Office documents you need Microsoft Office :  2007 / 2010 / 365
    32 bit or 64 bit

pdfMachine ultimate

pdfMachine merge is licensed with pdfMachine ultimate.

If you have not purchased pdfMachine ultimate you can still use it in trial mode by using the free pdfMachine product - pdfMachine white. You will get an advertisement in the attached PDFs.

Release History

7/December/2016 1.0.6185.23979
* Office 2016 32 bit, SubmitMessage failed 80040607 resolved.
* Merge fields that are used for attachment names have invalid filename characters replaced with underscore.

24/November/2016 1.0.6172.21752
* Windows 10, Office 2016 32 bit, background process doesn't hang around anymore
* Windows 10, Office 2016 32 bit, HTML emails corrected
* If pdfMachine merge closed during while a merge process is running the merge is cancelled
* Network paths used as a Saved Folder no longer result in File Not Found
* Custom passwords allowed for attachments (combination of one or more merge fields and text)

5/October/2016 1.0.6122.23475
* Liquid Templating Tags in the email body are unencoded
* The Email bodies editor only allows Source mode for existing email bodies that have Liquid Templating tags in them
* Static attachments can be obtained from merge fields using a semi-colon separated list
* Static attachments from merge fields that result int blank are ignored instead of having a file not found error
* Handles "D" precision specifiers for numbers
* Installs the 2012 Visual Studio C++ redistributables if they are not present
* A merge cannot be commenced if pdfMachine is open

26/July/2016 1.0.6051.26499
* Improved error message when file name is too long for Word to handle.
* pdfMachine merge stops losing spaces from Word templates.
* ReplyTo works for Outlook 32 bit and 64 bit.
* Doesn't fail when attachment name is blank due to blank merge fields.
* Improved error messages for Failed connection with Microsoft Office when Word cannot manage the OLE objects.
* Additional example templates provided.

19/April/2016 1.0.5955.31093
From this version pdfMachine 14.89 or later is required to be installed
* Improved error messages when Outlook is damaged or not responding .
* Improved error messages when max email invalid.

18/December/2015 1.0.5828.29418
* Running from the command line now uses default send account rather than last used send account.
* Running from the command line works in Windows 10.
* Allow Excel merge fields to have carriage returns.
* Detect duplicate column names when it is just capitals that are different.

25/July/2015 1.0.5682.38759
* Fixed problem where attached files overwritten when changing merge profiles.
* Merge fields in shapes and headers inside Excel templates are now converted.
* Throw error after creation attempt, rather than attachment attempt if PDF creation fails.
* Report PDF in use during PDF creation.
* Additional Test Profiles added
* Corrected error handling if statically attached file is missing

18/June/2015 1.0.5647.33887
* _ no longer displayed in long file names (when sent by SMTP).
* Select columns for merge results.
* Merge results open in Excel includes send result
* New filter WordNewLine inserts a new line after a non-blank merge field. In Word only

27/May/2015 1.0.5624.35579
* Multiple email accounts can be created.
* Email accounts can be attached to a merge profile.
* Javascript error on select rows fixed
* Each row creates an attachment combined with multiple attachments in the profile creates correct attachments
* Fixed error when missing right brace on last merge field
* Fixed javascript error when returning to edit invalid merge profile
* Prevent profiles having the same name
* Attach files box grows and scrolls
* Trim spaces around names and file names
* Strip out extra attachments with blank filename eg ;;
* Each row creates an attachment combined with multiple attachments no longer gets error with merge fields ending in numbers
* Word Mail Merge fields within shapes are converted to pdfMachine merge format

28/Oct/2014 1.0.5414.21150
* Fixed problem where Selected Emails doesn't clear.
* Fixed issue with BCC email addresses and white space. * Forced refresh of js files

9/Sep/2014 1.0.5365.25259
* Added 'each row creates an attachment' functionality
* Fixed up some error messages
* Fixed issue with email address and white space.

5/June/2014 1.0.5269.33945
* Increased functionality in email HTML editor
* When bundling, column headings with spaces in them are catered for

27/May/2014 1.0.5260.40197
* Fixes an error for browsers earlier than IE 9
* Fixes an error where valid test email reports as invalid
* Fixes javascript errors when selecting rows within the data source

14/May/2014 1.0.5247.29670
* You can now select to send a subset of the merge data source (IE9 and greater only)
* Generated PDF documents are only given a suffix when a duplicate exists
* More validation of fields

16/Jan/2014 1.0.5128.37316
* Corrects send error returned, with SMTP Send Method and blank entries used in CC or BCC field.
* Ensures pdfMachine ultimate version correctly detected in European locale
* Merge fields with a '.' in the field name are replaced with an '_' instead of failing

16/Apr/2013 1.0.4854.26311
* Fixed issue with spreadsheets with empty cells.

14/Jan/2013 1.0.4762.24216
* Now supports x64 versions of Word and Excel.

3/Sep/2012 1.0.4629.24438
* Allow incomplete merge profiles to be saved but not sent
* Fixed datetimenow implementation in office templates
* Saved folder dialog to browse to last saved folder
* Improved error message when error in data source
* Removed missing white space from date in office templates
* Merge run of one email now displayed fully
* Easily reuse last merge profile
* Fix inconsistency in which panel to go back to
* Corrected error handling for status not 500
* Fail, and log error, if cannot attach extra attachments to mail

9/August/2012   1.0.4604.35176
* Stopped changing pdfMachine to default printer on XP with Word templates
* Fixed problem where IE registry setting is missing
* Allowed for variable items in subject line when bundling

23/July/2012  1.0.4587.31387
* Added pause / resume when merging
* Fixed duplicated attachments in emails
* Removed animated background to free up memory and improve speed

27/May/2012  1.0.4496.22439
* Fixed problem with currency formatter

8/Apr/2012  1.0.4481.21261
* Now copes with empty columns and empty rows in Excel data sources

29/Feb/2012  1.0.4442.25224
* Fixed memory leak

22/Feb/2012  1.0.4435.26361
* Added custom Liquid filters  for "money_no_cents"  and "number_culture".

15/Feb/2012 1.0.4428.28918
* Added support for Liquid html templates.
* Added support for partial Liquid templates in Word and PowerPoint.
* Changed merge field marker from single curly brace to two curly braces. e.g.{email} now becomes {{email}}. This was done to be more consistent with Liquid templates.

21/Dec/2011 1.0.4372.27397
* Fixed problem when normal converting Word merge documents to our format that occured when you had a large number of merge fields.
* Added 'check for updates' link

12/Dec/2011 1.0.4363.30930
* Added support for "bundle on email" sends
* Added support for HTML templates
* Fixed internationalization bug in CSV files.
* Fixed crash when doing a merge after fresh pdfMachine install.

7/Dec/2011 1.0.4358.19418
* various user interface improvements.

1/Dec/2011 1.0.4352.20204
* first public beta release