Printing from Notepad

1. Run the notepad.exe application and type a few words.

2. From the 'File' menu select 'Print', as shown below.

3. Select the 'Broadgun pdfMachine' printer

4. A window like the one below pops up. Select the pdfMachine printer then press the 'Print' button.

5. Preview PDF file and select the next action. A window like the one below pops up displaying your PDF file.


Save As Prompts you to save the PDF document to a filename of your choice
Send Launches the default email client with the PDF file attached. The PDF file will have a default filename which is based on the original document filename but can be edited.
Edit Launches the edit window that allows you to insert, append, delete and rearrange pages within a PDF file.
Options Displays the configuration options property sheet
Toggle Viewer Toggles between toolbar mode and PDF preview mode.
Help Launches the help window